City space, its uniqueness is the main hero in a series of paintings “Cities”. Each painting has its own history and reflects the place where it was created: either old  spanish Piódão or vivid Anderlecht, each city has left its portrait in the painting.

You can live your whole life in one city and never look on it from the height. This is something that should be changed. The artist Julia Smolenkova shows a completely new viewpoint on the familiar cities. You should change your view on the same streets, squares and parks; look, at the town at a bird’s-eye view, from the highest viewing platform, from the roof of an old house in the historic center. You will see a completely different city – old and new at the same time.

The paintings from the collection “Cities” are the portraits of each town, the artist has visited. By indulging this concept in her art, Julia develops her coloristic vision by exposing the perspective of expanse on one plane, allowing only light and color to guide the viewer through the painting.

While visiting a new city, you will eventually find yourself in a place where the city lies open before you. This is how you meet each other. Details disappear, leaving only emotions and feelings with which every meeting with a city fills us. Despite laconism of colour, sometimes verging on minimalism and abstract forms, the places in the paintings are recognizable as each city has its own unique colour, rhythm, dynamics and light. In the works, connection between the real and the abstract create new space levels.

“I’m sure that the feeling of space, time, light, and proportions are obvious to a regular viewer and does not need any explanations.”

The artist’s series of paintings tells us about her encounters with new as well as already familiar cities, squares, streets. A city is your perfect guide to other centuries, bygone eras and countries. It is a portrait of each era and at the same time it is contemporary.

Anderlecht_The biginning of twilight Anderlecht_The biginning of twilight2 Arfeuilles France conrtyside_julia smolenkova IMG_4915 IMG_4981 IMG_4990 Paris France Piodao Portugal Puy-L'Eveque midi-pyrenees France red roof julia smolenkova rue du bac Paris